Jun. 29th, 2011

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Well, they aren't any more. But that's what I feel like this morning-- one of the earthworms curled tight in its winter bed of tomato roots, uncurling grudgingly when the remains of the plant have been uprooted. If earthworms had toes, they wouldn't stick them out from under the covers. Ever.

As the karate schedule is diametrically opposed to my work schedule, I've been attending an aikido class in the mornings-- working on my front and back rolls. Back is harder for me than front. For those of us with a certain amount of mass, gravity is too hard to fight when you tip forward. Rolling is a useful skill, but how many times in my life will I trip forward? Unfortunately, back rolls are far harder for me-- and I suspect that there is nothing less dignified than watching an obese middle aged woman attempt a back roll and be defeated by her own midriff!

Summer brings a plethora of produce to the garden; I am drowning in salad stuffs. Quite a change from early spring, where one breaks off a leaf here, a leaf there, and each component of the salad has a different taste and one must wonder: will I have enough for salad for four, or will I end up damaging the plant too much? The chinese cabbages and their resident critters seem quite happy. I will always plant Chinese cabbage, if only to keep the slugs out of the rest of the garden. If only there was some sort of 'sacrifice plant' of that kind that I could use to keep the rabbits out of the sugar snap peas...

And mulberry season is underway; I am making 'mulberry rounds' of the neighborhood and also eyeing the sour cherries, which will not be ripe for another week or two. It will be a race between myself and the birds, I suspect. A dear friend suggested the paper bag and banana treatment, but I would need a raft of bananas to take care of this quantity of cherries, I suspect. Next up, just in time for our heat wave, is jam-making, as my son refuses to eat jams other than Mulberry.

Fourth Street Fantasy was good; I only regret I could not make it to Friday night. However, the Atlantic Ocean was also good, and being able to watch baby dolphins practicing *their* back rolls with their mothers was indescribably good. There was a minimum of protest from my offspring about the long sleeved, leg-hugging swimsuits and the sun hats that made us look like a Lawrence of Arabia look-alike competition. Which is good, for a child with a sunburn is a miserable thing.

We had only one moment of sheer panic, and that was on the way home, when I parked the childers next to several soldiers (three army, two navy) returning home on leave and went to deal with our seating arrangement. 30 minutes later, I return (I swear, they were within my direct line of sight the entire time-- although I bet the Delta Airlines personnel wondered why I made zero eye contact with them!) to have my son announce, "Don't worry, Mommy, we're showing them exactly how smart we are!"

Can I be considered legally liable if my children break the US Armed Forces?

...don't answer that.

I hope all is well for all of you, and will likely resume reading LJ again. Best to all.


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