Feb. 7th, 2010

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Found an ARC of this at Uncle Hugo's, I think-- whatever, it was in the to be read pile.

It's 10:37 at night and my bedtime is 9. I stayed up to finish reading this delightful book, written in a compelling first person narration, but with a twist. (I do not wish to say more about the narration for fear of spoiling the book entirely).

Yeine, a young woman and the ruler of a small 'barbarian' country, is also the granddaughter of the unofficial ruler of the world. She is abruptly summoned to court, and named an heir. The story of her struggle within that court is the heart of the book. The soul of the book, however, is the character herself. Deeply human, just as deeply flawed, impatient and trusting, naive and experienced at the same time, Yeine's perspective drew me deep into the book.

I have often said that I am tired of reading 'talented protag flail cluelessly about in complicated situation' books. This particular book has made me amend that statement to: 'if you must write a book in this subset of plot I dislike, it had better be as good as THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS.' Yeine's voice, her viewpoint, so infuses the book-- her digressions enrich the book, gradually leading me into speculation and inference, drawing that 'reader's 50%' from me so effortlessly that I find myself actually writing a review.

I will be picking up another copy of this book when it is published, both so the author gets her royalty, and so that I have a copy to keep and a copy to lend. Yes, it is that good.


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